Strong & Stable Classes

Strong & Stable Classes

Approximately 30% of people over 65 years fall each year (1). However, falls prevention classes have been shown to help reduce the rate of falls (2).

Classes are most effective when:

  • Supervised by a Physiotherapist.
  • Include multiple component group exercise in a circuit format (3).
  • Including balance training and specific strength and conditioning (4).
  • Includes education about reducing falls risk (5).

The Strong and Stable class at Myphysio uses:

  • Myphysio purpose built gym
  • Evidence based 8 week program to reduce falls risk, improve strength and mobility
  • Small class sizes to allow maximum supervision and exercise time (6).

These classes are perfect for those that:

  1. Are losing confidence in the ability to maintain an independent lifestyle or
  2. Suffer with chronic pain and are seeking a guided program to improve function


Classes run every Friday at 1.30pm at MyPhysio Evolution and costs just $120 for 8 weeks. Contact MyPhysio now on 1300 141 143 or


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