MyPhysio is privileged to have many physiotherapists with experience with treating elite sporting clientele. Sam Leslie, is an APA titled Sports Physiotherapist, an honor bestowed only on those with significant experience working at the elite level as well as having his Masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy.

Whilst all of our physiotherapists are experienced in managing sports injuries for a wide variety of sports, each of us focus on a particular sport to develop an innate knowledge for your rehabilitation.

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Athletics, AFL, Cycling, Boxing, Mogul skiiing, High Performance Training


Volleyball, Tennis, Winter Sports and Martial Arts


Gymnastics, Basketball and Diving


Cycling, Fencing and Swimming


Running sports and Netball


Basketball, Strength and Conditioning


Basketball, Cross Fit, Strength and Conditioning


Netball, Weight lifting, Cross Fit


Athletics, Running Sports


Hockey, Swimming

Our goal is to work with you to achieve your goals and keep you at your desired sport for as long as possible. We utilise the latest technique and an active rehabilitation program to not only get you better, but to make you better than what you were before.

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