At myphysio we utilise the video analysis software "Dartfish". With this we can assess your running or sporting technique for biomechanical abnormalities which are usually attributable to muscle imbalances. Bio-mechanics involve observation and analysis of joint position and angles when moving through different ranges of movement. Our individualised Clinical Pilates and Strength and Conditioning programs can help to improve your running efficiency and correct the following common running problems.

  • Excessive lateral weight shift of pelvis
  • Excessive foot pronation acceleration
  • Inappropriate foot placement at heel strike
  • Reduced Hip extension
  • Poor spinal posture
  • Pelvic tilting
  • Poor "core" strength

We also construct individualised running programmes for runners of any level, from those wanting to run for the first time, to elite athletes. We are also happy to work in consultation with your coach to design a specific program.

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Running Biomechanical analysis

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