Current research indicates that an integral part of management of neck and back pain is a deep stabilizer muscle exercise programs. These exercises are often called core exercises in gyms but often misinterpreted as trunk or abdominal exercises. The research suggests that these deep stabiliser muscles are inhibited (switched off) by pain leading to weakness that may not improve without "specific stabilizing exercises". This is likely the cause of recurrent or chronic spinal pain.

At myphysio we promote exercises using "Pilates" equipment, "Redcord" equipment, Swissball, floor, home or gym exercises. We use our extensive biomechanical assessment and knowledge to develop a program that is tailored to suit your goals, be it elite sports, work, running performance, weekend sports or daily activities. We also suit your lifestyle with home based exercises or gym/ Pilates based programs. Any anatomical stiffness, restrictions, poor muscle recruitment is addressed in unison.

A stable spine leads to optimal performance.

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Cervical/Lumbar stability programs

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