Respiratory Physiotherapy focuses on maximising the patient's lung function.

There are some chronic airways diseases such as emphysema that limit the lung's anatomical integrity and thus reduce the overall function of the lung. However, co-existing with these scenarios are invariably other factors that can be changed and improved with Physiotherapy.

These factors are:

  1. Presence of lung secretions.
    Physiotherapists can use techniques to assist in the removal of these secretions and show
    you how to do this on your own, and 
  2. Generalised weakness and immobility of the rib cage and associated muscles.

Did you know that my "slouching" or poor posture you can limit your Functional Lung Capacity by up to 40%! Muscular weakness and progressive stiffness of the rib cage and spine with ageing will actually reduce your lung capacity without you realising it.

Your Physiotherapist will use techniques to maximise your rib cage mobilty and improve your posture and spinal strength so as to maximise your lung capacity and therefore maximise your potential for a healthier respiratory system.

Almost all patients with a history of obstructive airways disease will qualify from their GP for a referral to your Physio under the EPC system. Talk to you Physio or GP today about this.

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Respiratory Physiotherapy

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