Being ready to go en pointe requires a number of factors and it is important for dancers to receive a pre pointe assessment prior to commencing this exciting next step in their dance journey. Pointe work requires a great deal of lower limb, foot and ankle strength as well as balance, trunk and shoulder control.

A MyPhysio pre pointe assessment looks at the following components:

  • Dance history - including current dance training, styles, length of time dancing
  • Previous injury - this may affect strength in particular areas
  • Flexibility - while it is important for a dancer to be flexible, if a dancer is hypermobile (excessive movement in ligaments and joints) they may require further strength and control before going en pointe
  • Balance - pointe work changes the centre of gravity as such this is a crucial component of the assessment
  • Overall strength - pointe shoes place increase stress demands not only on the foot and ankle but on the whole body. It is important to ensure the trunk and shoulder control is adequate to control the extra demand placed through the body without compromising the foot, knee or ankle.
  • Body alignment and structure - particularly legs, feet and ankles

When attending a pre-pointe assessment please ensure comfortable clothing that allows movement is worn. The assessment will take approximately 45minutes where the physiotherapist may also prescribe some exercises to be completed prior to commencing or during pointe work.

So how many athletes can do this on an ACL deficient knee??Pretty damn impressive!!

Posted by Myphysio Evolution on Thursday, 12 June 2014

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Pre Pointe Assessment for Ballet

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