Here at MyPhysio we offer a range of services all specially tailored with our patients in mind. Our progressive approach to Physiotherapy means we're keeping up to date with the latest treatments and constantly looking for ways to improve the more traditional treatments. Whether you're suffering from Lower Back Pain, tight and tense muscles, sports injuries or looking at improving your fitness, we have a programme that'll relieve the pain and start you on the road to a full recovery.

General Physio

Have constant pain? Our highly trained team of physiotherapists will work one on one with you to identify the problem, treat it quickly and help you prevent further issues.

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Sports Physio

We're proud to say we've worked with a number of Australian Athletes, from Boxing Champions to Athletics stars. Whether you have a sports injury or needing some strength and conditioning help, the MyPhysio team is here for you.

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Exercise Physiology

Our skilled exercise physiologists have an acute understanding of how exercise can improve your strength, help to heal your chronic pain symptoms and improve your cardiovascular system.

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Spinal Care

Any damage or injury to the spine can cause long term issues without the right treatment. We have a full range of spinal care treatments to fix existing back pain as well as programs to strengthen your core.

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Recovering from injury or surgery can take a long time. The MyPhysio team have a range of programs to help you regain full movement, get out of pain and have effective long term success.

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Women's Physiotherapy

Our team understand the often delicate issues that come with pregnancy or incontinence for women, we are here to comfortably guide you through any issues you may have, let us help you.

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Other services we provide include:

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