Sam Leslie

Senior Physiotherapist

  • 26 years experience in private practice including work at AFL, EPL, NRL, Sydney Olympics and Australian Cycling, Athletics, Diving and Water Polo Teams.
  • Completed Masters in Sports Physiotherapy (2010) receiving the restricted title of Titled APA Sports Physiotherapist.
  • Head physiotherapist for the Australian Team Uniroos. World Universiade Games, Kazan Russia 2013, Gwangju, South Korea 2015 and Taipei, Taiwan 2017.
  • Head Physiotherapist for Australian Athletics team at World Universiade Games, Napoli, Italy 2019
  • Head Physiotherapist to Nitro Athletics, Chinese Athletics and Athletics Victoria.
  • Currently undertaking MPhil into “Can direction specific Gym Programming enhance athletic ability and prevent injury?”
  • Current and Past Experience as Physiotherapist to the Australian Ski and Mogul Academy (AUSMSA) including work at the 2018 Winter Olympics, GreenEdge Professional Cycling Team, Team Sky Professional Cycling Team, Garmin Cervelo Professional Cycling Team, Honda Dream Team, Swedish National Cycling Team, and VIS Cycling Team, African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team.
  • Australian Institute of Sport appointed Physiotherapist to the Australian Cycling Team’s European Tour 2008.
  • Awarded AIS Sports course ‘Best Speaker’ award 2010.
  • 2019 Instructor of the Year – Aminoneurofrequency Therapy – read more here
  • Particular interest in treatment of the “Difficult shoulder”.
  • Completed case series on: “Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as conditions with associated symptoms of autonomic nervous system dysfunction (Dysautonomias)”
  • Current Tutor for the Australian Physiotherapy Association Sports Physiotherapy Courses.
  • Particular interest in improving running efficiency and athletic power generation.

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