• 23 years experience working in Australia and the UK.
  • Completed a Postgraduate degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy through Latrobe University 2008. A strong commitment to reviewing current research/ literature, up to date evidence, and new treatment approaches to provide each patient with for the most current knowledge and manual skills and rehab programs.
  • Clinical Pilates Instructor.
  • Instructor in Redcord suspension training equipment.
  • Clinical Practical Educator for several undergraduate Universities.
  • Treatment in:
    • Biomechanical assessment of the foot to the spine to improve all levels of performance/ function. Assisted by Gaitscan dynamic foot pressure, video analysis software.
    • Neck stability programs and treatment for headaches and neck pains.
    • Lumbar stability programs, including Redcord, Pilates for the prevention of recurrent low back pain, management of long term pain and return to sport/ hobbies with optimal performance.
    • Neurological rehabilitation of Children including contact with medical and physiotherapy staff from the Royal Children's Hospital, and local Schools.
    • Adult neurological (stroke, head injury) rehabilitation from gait retraining to high levels of restored function.
    • Balance assessment and retraining.
    • Dry needling (acupuncture needles).
    • Joint replacement. Post op rehab as well as pre op care or delay through weight loss and pool based strengthening endurance programs.
    • Motor bike accidents, return to riding, pain/ function management to high levels of activity both on/ off the bike.
    • Hydrotherapy rehab programs as well as The Lap swim Program for Osteoarthritis of the hip/ knee or back and/ or for weight loss.
  • Member of Western Orthopaedics Lecture Group. Recently presented a lecture entitled "The benefits of a physiotherapy directed lap swimming program for patients requiring joint replacement surgery". Investigating pilot study to prove the effectiveness of the program.
  • Clinical directive: Accurate clinical diagnosis, assisted by modern software, leads to appropriate hands-on intervention to restore movement. Further managed by individual exercise programs that promotes prompt recovery and prevents return of symptoms, using all the services offered at Myphysio-Evolution.

Personal interest in Physiotherapy, gym, Skiing, hiking, scuba, motor sport, surfing, running and the occasional rest.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment then please call 1300 141 143 or email info@myphysio.physio.

Domenic Salerno

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