Hydrotherapy involves exercising in a heated pool, which provides support, buoyancy, and gentle resistance during movement. Each of our hydrotherapy classes are run by a physiotherapist where a specific program is created to aid in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

Evidence has shown that a water-based exercise programme produces greater improvements in disability as well as quality of life in those patients with back pain. 1 Whilst exercising in water, the spine and pelvis are supported by buoyancy allowing movements that are normally difficult or impossible on land. Additionally, the ability to work on mobility and strength with reduction in pain via waters weight-relieving properties, allows for sustainable functional gains in the osteoarthritic population.2 Further indications for the use of hydrotherapy include rehabilitation post surgery or joint replacements, motor vehicle rehabilitation, weight loss and improving cardio vascular fitness.

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Our Hydrotherapy Classes are run at the following times at the hydrotherapy pool at Swim4ALL. They are located at: 10 Merchants Crt, Werribee.

Cost is $25 per session which includes pool entry as well as a written program devised by your physiotherapist after your third session.
Workcover, TAC and other third party insured patients are made welcome. Private Health Insurance rebates may apply.

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