Hints for working at a desk

Now we know that being in certain positions for long periods of time can be detrimental its important to do lots of movement throughout the day. This is a lot more successful than trying to fix our issues at the end of the day.

Our best tips:

– So set a reminder for every 20-60 minutes – use this time to stand, move around or shake off any body tension you have – unclench your jaw, relax those shoulders!

– Change your positions throughout the day. A sit to stand desk can help change your position throughout the day. 

– Take some deep breaths – see our previous post on breathing technique, that when done correctly this is the most effective way to mobilise your thoracic spine and ribs!

– Mobility! Take some time for stretches/mobility throughout the day. We want to move the body in lots of different ways (make sure you catch our free lunch mobility video coming soon) Remember our bodies love to move!

– Strengthening: we want to make sure our bodies can tolerate the load we place them under so strengthening the muscles is very important. But don’t forget our lower limbs and core are just as important.

– Some people may require regular massage and mobilization of the spine (this can be done with a physiotherapist, remedial massage, myotherapist or using a massage gun/trigger ball at home if needed) while they build up their own tolerance.

MyPhysio Evolution

MyPhysio Evolution

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