High Performance Academy

High Performance Academy

MyPhysio has built a High Performance Academy at its Evolution practice that would be the envy of any Sports Institution around the world.

Utilising the skills of our Sports Physiotherapists and Sports Physician and our expertise in Strength and Conditioning training we develop training programs for aspiring elite athletes of all sports.

Our secret lies in using video analysis to determine where an athlete’s movement pattern is less than ideal and testing that in specific kinetic chain testing that only our Neurac/RedCord set up could provide.

We then design a program to address these weak links to turn them into “strongest links” to make the athlete perform better with more efficiency and with less time in the medical rooms.

We have numerous athletes that are representing Australia at National and World level across many sports including athletics, cycling and boxing that are enjoying the benefits of this service.

This service is called a “High Performance Consultation” and can be requested at the time of making your booking.

What makes our High Performance Academy Unique

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