Domenic Salerno

Senior Physiotherapist

  • 26 years experience working in Australia and the UK.
  • Completed a Postgraduate degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy through Latrobe University 2008. A strong commitment to reviewing current research/ literature, up to date evidence, and new treatment approaches to provide each patient with the most current knowledge and manual skills and rehab programs.
  • Clinical Pilates Instructor.
  • Instructor in Redcord suspension training equipment.
  • Clinical Practical Educator for several undergraduate Universities.
  • NDIS provider.
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy.  Management of acute injury or movement disorders.  NDIS provider.  Understanding of ASD and ADHD and the impact on movement/ participation.  Firm believer in fun/ exercise/ activity as the best form of rehabilitation
  • Presented a lecture for the Western Orthopaedics Lecture Group entitled “The benefits of a physiotherapy directed lap swimming program for patients requiring joint replacement surgery”. Investigating pilot study to prove the effectiveness of the program.
  • Clinical directive: Accurate clinical diagnosis, assisted by modern software, leads to appropriate hands-on intervention to restore movement. Further managed by individual exercise programs that promotes prompt recovery and prevents return of symptoms, using all the services offered at Myphysio-Evolution.

Personal interest in My two wonderful children, Physiotherapy, gym, Soccer, Skiing, hiking, scuba, motor sport, surfing, running and the occasional rest.

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