Direction specific Gym programming in elite athletes

Direction specific Gym programming in elite athletes

Sam Leslie is currently undergoing a PhD into the effects of designing a gym program for athletes according to their “Movement Bias” – a Clinical Pilates concept, which dictates that every human being has a ‘preferred’ way of moving against resistance.

Sam’s study compares a group of athletes that have both a Strength and Power based program (each lasting 4 weeks) that has been written specific to their “movement bias”.

The control group also undergoes a strength and power program that is written according to traditional programming without the concept of “movement bias” in mind.

Measures are focused on athleticism using 20m sprint time, Pro-agility (5-10-5) test, 3 horizontal hop for distance and repeated vertical hops of 3 and 8.

Triple extension sprint rep

Repeated Vertical hops

3 Hop for Distance

Dead Lift training

So far the results are extremely encouraging and Sam will present these as a piolot study at the upcoming Sports Medicine Australia and Australian physiotherapy Association Conferences in October 2015, before moving onto the next phase of his PhD.

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