The team of experienced physiotherapists at MyPhysio Evolution are passionate about helping CrossFit athletes achieve their goals and improve many of the complex movements demanded within the sport of CrossFit.

CrossFit is a growing sport and each month we see more and more CrossFit athletes come in with injuries or needing assistance to improve performance. Here at MyPhysio Evolution, our extensive CrossFit experience and clinical knowledge of the musculoskeletal system means we can work with you and your coach to ensure you don’t miss a beat and continue to smash your goals.

We are continually learning and adapting to the best ways to treat CrossFit Injuries and provide successful rehabilitation programs to help stop the same injuries reoccurring. High intensity training regimes will always be taxing on the body, let our team at MyPhysio Evolution High Performance Academy help you improve your times, lift heavier and complete your WOD’s!

We treat novice crossfitters, elite athletes and everyone in between.

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