Caitlin Jerkovic

Exercise Scientist

Caitlin graduated as an Accredited Exercise Scientist from LaTrobe University in 2018. She is also heading back to University in 2021 to complete her Masters Degree of Clinical Exercise Physiology at ACU.

Since completing her Bachelor’s Degree, Caitlin has been working for a Strength and Conditioning company which specialises in S&C and Injury Rehabilitation. She has also previously worked for Williamstown VFL Mens and Womens as a sport’s Trainer, working alongside Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Strength and Conditioning coaches.

She has a passion for sports of all kinds, in particular AFL and Netball, and aims to get people to their peak fitness in order to optimum performance in sport and day to day life.

Her goal is to make training as seam line and fun as possible, and allow people to enjoy their exercise and in turn improve their health and fitness.

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