Brianna Bunworth

Age: 26 Years

Discipline: Marathon

Brianna competes in track, cross country and road running with Athletics Victoria for local club Western Athletics. She has been coached by Peter Burke for 6 years who is a very experienced distance coach. Brianna always enjoyed the longer distances and decided to tackle her first marathon in Paris in 2013 and from then decided it was her pet event.


MARATHON: 2.59.51
15KM: 57.52
10KM: 38.28
5KM: 18.25

Brianna’s Personal Best for the marathon is 2.59.51 which was achieved at Gold Coast in 2016. By breaking the 3hr barrier, Brianna has qualified for the Berlin Marathon in September 2017.


  • 2x Wangaratta Half Marathon Winner
  • MyPhysio Werribee Mansion Winner
  • 2x Zapotek B Grade 10km Winner


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