Running Biomechanical analysis

Running Biomechanical analysis

Many cyclists suffer from lower back pain, knee pain, sore shoulders, burning hands and stiff necks all of which can be due to the incorrect set up of the bicycle. 

Sam Leslie has been trained in the analysis of riding technique and can make alterations to the bike to correct the biomechanics which may be leading to injury.

Video is taken of the patient riding their bike, then analysed in slow motion, showing asymmetries and problems. The bike is then altered to help correct these problems, as well as exercises prescribed to assist in the rehabilitation of the injury.

For appointments patients must bring bike, trainer and appropriate riding gear and allow 60 minutes for the analysis session and 30 minutes for the follow up session. Please notify reception staff of this at time of booking.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment then please call 1300 141 143 or email

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