Remedial Massage Therapy

“Bessie” been practicing sports remedial therapy for 7 years. He grew up on the south coast of Albania and used to work as a paramedic as well as completed a Masters as a theatre nurse for microsurgery. He brings an incredible knowledge of anatomy and physiology to his huge repertoire of skills.

Bessie is highly skilled in myo-fascial release, dry needling, trigger point therapy, effleurage (body distress treatment), lymphatic drainage, sports remedial techniques, as well as restorative corrective exercises to compliment your rehabilitation.

He is highly sought after in the extreme and combat sports community as well as many soccer teams, we are extremely fortunate to have him.

If you wish to make an appointment, Bessie will be working Monday and Wednesday afternoon/evenings at our MyPhysio Evolution clinic in Wyndhamvale. Ph 1300 141 143

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment then please call 1300 141 143 or email

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